WHY BUY VINTAGE? by Guilherme Tominaga

The right question would be, why not buy vintage? I mean, there are no reasons for you not be buying vintage and there are plenty of reasons for you to buy.

Today I’m here to list some of the reasons why you should be spending more time hunting unique pieces instead of buying fast fashion items that you will see everyone wearing.

Two years ago I was obsessed with Zara since I still can’t afford to buy every single designer piece I want to, but since I moved to Europe my habits have changed and I became a vintage lover.

I became a big vintage lover since then, and I love hunting for the perfect pieces on every vintage shop I find.

It’s been some time since vintage became more and more popular inside the fashion community, so it also became more expensive than ever before, but there are plenty of vintage shops that you can find good quality, and unique pieces, for affordable and really cheap prices.

Be Unique

First things first, I’m not saying that if you’re buying designer items or fast fashion ones, you’re not gonna be unique, everyone is unique in their own way, but that being said I just want to emphasize that buying vintage will be always unique.

I’m sure that it will be quite impossible for you to find someone wearing the same jacket, dress, or pair of trousers that you bought at a vintage shop that’s collecting items from the ’80s. That’s what I meant by saying that you’re gonna be unique.

Be Sustainable

We all know that the fashion industry is the second most polluting in the world, so buy second-hand pieces is helping the planet to survive and also discouraging the fast-fashion industry to produce more trash.

Instead of buying a bad quality piece from the fast fashion industry, you can invest your money and time hunting for a unique piece, that will last longer on your wardrobe. Buying unique and being sustainable doesn’t mean buying statement and catch-eye pieces, mean buying the right pieces that you’re gonna wear more than once in your life.

Support Local Shops

One of the most important things when shopping vintage, or whatever I’m buying, I always prefer to support and buy from local shops, that need the money to pay for their bills.

A lot of second-hand shops help other people, some of them receive their clothes from donations, and the money that they raise from it, they end up helping charities. So by the end of the day, you’re not only helping the world be more sustainable, but you’re also helping people that really need it, instead of giving your money to multi-billionaire companies.

In my opinion, these are the three main reasons why you should rethink the way you consume fashion, and think about trying to change it and start shopping at vintage and second-hand stores.

Since vintage/second-hand pieces became more popular, every single celebrity has a vintage piece inside their closets, but if you want to find some good inspiration to start buying it, go take a look at Twiggy or Kate Moss styles, I’m sure you will get inspired by these two style icons.

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