I’ve been missing you, the feeling of freedom, the power of nature. I wanna feel the ocean. Take me where the corals can grow like plants, where the bottom of the ocean can no longer be seen from the top of the mountains. Bury me deep underwater.

I missed the water and nature. I missed the freshness from the lake, the freedom that mother nature allows me to have. The feeling of being vulnerable but at the same time, powerful.

Summer got me nostalgic, missing my childhood, my parents, my old friends. Summer took me to a place in my heart where I didn’t know existed, the love for the warmer months, the beach mood, and the need to be near to the ocean. If I close my eyes, I can listen to the sound of the waves, the song from the sea.

A visual story, written and directed by Guilherme Tominaga and photographed by Marcelo Fabri.