The Tailoring Obsession — PETER DO

Peter Do launched his incredible label, that is dedicated to tailoring, modern women uniform, construction, and fine textiles, in 2018.

Since 2018, Peter Do has been creating incredible pieces inspired by modern women’s uniforms, daywear, and construction. Reinventing the women suit and creating beautiful shapes, he has been the one to watch and the one to follow during Fashion Week.

Peter Do’s first collection was all about identity and profession. A daywear collection dedicated to womenswear, emphasizing design and construction on each piece. Tailoring will be always present in his collections since the brand is focused on doing the best and modern tailoring.


Recently, Peter Do has launched his new collection during New York Fashion Week, if you follow me on Instagram, you must’ve seen some of his pieces on my stories, but if not, here it is a little bit more about his incredible collection.

For his fourth collection, since he launched his brand, Do’s said that he has been watching a lot of horror movies, Midsommar and Suspiria amongst them, and he wanted to make a tribute to what he called “the last girl”, who become powerful and stronger at the end.

Here we have some of my favorites from his last collection, but can I be honest? I would wear Peter Do every day for every occasion, I’m just completely obsessed with his design.

Structured jackets, shoulder pads, tailored and high-waisted trousers, to give us the idea of the powerful woman, nothing too obvious when it comes to relate the collection with horror movies. During NYFW, we saw a lot of tailoring during the shows, but nothing compared to what Do is doing right now.

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