DON’T TOUCH IT — lately, we’ve been adapting our lives to a whole new routine, including working from home and not touching your face. This whole new routine got me thinking that we are not used to wearing masks and gloves to go out, shop, and eat, but from now on it might be a new useful accessory.

This week’s portrait project, I decided to bring a new item into my captures — a basic transparent plastic glove, to share and say one more time to you all: wash your hands, one, two, three, fifteen times a day before touching your beautiful face.

It’s been pretty hard to adapt our lives to stay home only, without enjoying the beginning of spring/summer season, but believe me, we all must stay home if we want to enjoy the weather outside as soon as possible.


My quarantine days have been pretty much busy, I’ve been producing and always trying to create something new. The biggest tip that I can share with you all is try something new, try to keep you head full of ideas or maybe just watch a movie that makes you feel relaxed.

  • Watch a movie, it can be any genre, remember that one that you didn’t watch because you were too busy? Now it’s the time to watch it.

You can sign up for Netflix, HBO+, Amazon Prime, or any other streaming platform, a lot of them are having promotions and even letting you sign up for free for a whole month.

  • Start a new hobby, because it’s never too late to start something new in our lives.

Try new things, you never know if you’re good in photography, painting, reading, or even playing video games. Who knows?

  • Start your old project, that you’ve been postponing for years.

I’ve been postponing a lot of things in my life, but I found out that we don’t need to be quarantine to do what we want, we just need to put effort and time on those things that we want to achieve.

  • Listen to music, the ones that makes you feel happy and inspired.

A huge lover of music, I can’t live without it. I wake up listening to my favorite songs and I do work listening to music, so just listen to your favorites, make a cup of tea, and relax. The best platform for me is Spotify, but you can choose yours.

  • Cook, because cooking is like a therapy, and you don’t need to be a real chef to make some delicious and easy recipes.

I adore cooking, it’s one of my therapies for sure, I’m not a master cooking but I do love it and it’s not that bad, to be completely honest, so go on, try a new recipe, laugh and try again. I’m always trying new recipes from Kitchen Stories, give it a try.

  • Just relax, chill, and sleep, because there’s already a lot of pressure on all of us, so don’t be harsh on yourself, it’s time to relax too.

The world is demanding that we all stay home but we still need to be productive, but do we really need at all? Don’t put pressure on yourself, there’s a lot happening outside already, you can just relax.

  • Try to learn a new language, I’m a big lover of French and Italian, I just don’t put a lot of time to learn it, but I would love to speak both.

I would love to learn it, but as I said, I’m the one who needs to put effort and time into it. Duo Lingo is the most famous platform to learn new languages, but I know you can find a lot of good lessons on YouTube as well.

  • Go FaceTime your family, it’s time to take care of our loved ones.

One of the things that I’ve realized is that when we are far away from our loved ones, we sometimes just forget to do it and it’s so important because we can’t plan anything, we never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, right COVID-19?

  • You can go out for a quick walk or run.

Please, just remember to keep the social distancing between you and other people, at least 1.5m, so you can keep you and the people around you safe.

  • TikTok might be a good friend.

It might sounds cliché, but Tik Tok is becoming a huge and big platform, and believe me, it can be fun to try new things, new dance moves, or just to watch other’s people videos.


I know it’s been hard to adapt, or even to think about the whole situation that’s taking the world right now, it might be easy for some people, but I know it might be a hard time for others.

So if you ever need to talk with someone to relax, or even try to understand and get more trustable information that you can rely on, please, write me in the comments below or just DM me on my Instagram, I’ll be happy to help you.