THE NEXT TREND — Fringes Everywhere

Are you ready to be seeing fringes everywhere? Well, let me tell you something, this is the next trend that is going to be bombing on your Instagram.

Some humor came up, that this last season on Milan Fashion Week, designers were focused on creating designs that were made to be worn, not for Instagram, I tend to disagree because I think fashion is changing a lot lately, and so are its consumers.


I was impressed with the number of designers bringing fringes, in so many different ways, fabrics, textures, layers, and etc.

Expect to be seeing fringes in their most different ways. Daniel Lee, from Bottega Veneta, brought fringes, for his runway show adding them to bags, dresses, and coats. Prada brought it in some accessories as well, some neck kind of accessory, which I’m obsessed with.

Salvatore Ferragamo made it look like a piece of jewelry, so expect to be seeing a lot of sparkling fringes here and there, I personally can’t wait to get mine.

The Trend on Trend

As I said before, expect to be seeing a lot of fringes everywhere, every fast fashion and a lot of these beauties running on the streets in the next following weeks. Hopefully, this is a trend that can last forever, I’m a fringe lover.

Every other designer brought fringes in their own way, with their own DNA, so there are no excuses not to be wearing it this season, I’m sure that there’s going to be one that fits your style.

Style it, Wear it

Wearing fringes aren’t the easiest thing on earth, I know it sounds scary, and sometimes a little bit too extra, but trust me, some fringes won’t harm you, it’s just going to elevate your style if styled the right way.

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