The Fashion World Post Covid-19

We no longer have fashion shows to attend, neither open stores. We’re all locked inside our homes following the trends and news from our smartphone, and this is all we have for now, but what about when it’s all over? The social media world, especially Instagram, is taking over all the crisis situation right now. … Read moreThe Fashion World Post Covid-19

WHY BUY VINTAGE? by Guilherme Tominaga

The right question would be, why not buy vintage? I mean, there are no reasons for you not be buying vintage and there are plenty of reasons for you to buy. Today I’m here to list some of the reasons why you should be spending more time hunting unique pieces instead of buying fast fashion … Read moreWHY BUY VINTAGE? by Guilherme Tominaga

THE NEXT TREND — Fringes Everywhere

Are you ready to be seeing fringes everywhere? Well, let me tell you something, this is the next trend that is going to be bombing on your Instagram. Some humor came up, that this last season on Milan Fashion Week, designers were focused on creating designs that were made to be worn, not for Instagram, … Read moreTHE NEXT TREND — Fringes Everywhere


For those who follow me on Instagram, you must already know some of my favorite brands this season. Milan Fashion Week has started, and to be quite honest, it’s one of the best, at least in my opinion. In this post, we’re going to show you the highlights of this season, the best designs, and … Read moreHIGHLIGHTS — MILAN FASHION WEEK FALL 2020

The Tailoring Obsession — PETER DO

Peter Do launched his incredible label, that is dedicated to tailoring, modern women uniform, construction, and fine textiles, in 2018. Since 2018, Peter Do has been creating incredible pieces inspired by modern women’s uniforms, daywear, and construction. Reinventing the women suit and creating beautiful shapes, he has been the one to watch and the one … Read moreThe Tailoring Obsession — PETER DO

COMBAT BOOTS: The Statement Piece

It all started with the first show signed by Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, for his ready-to-wear fall collection last June. We all know that these boots weren’t introduced into the fashion world by Daniel Lee but since he’s the one who brought back the trend and made it a statement piece, we’re going … Read moreCOMBAT BOOTS: The Statement Piece

Marie Claire Fashion Days: 11th Edition and VIP Night

Marie Claire Magazine hosted, for the 11th time, the Marie Claire Fashion Days, one of the most important events in fashion bringing together Hungarian Fashion and Hungarian Designers. The event showcased more than 30 different Hungarian Fashion Designers. The event happened on three different days, starting on Friday, November 22nd. The Friday Night was a … Read moreMarie Claire Fashion Days: 11th Edition and VIP Night