Summer has finally arrived and no one can wait any longer to sunbath, make a summer trip, or just relax at home.

Today, let’s talk about summer essentials and what you will need to spend and have a relaxing day, taking care of your skin, and also being stylish. The summer breeze is requiring everyone to be classy and sophisticated, after a long period of time locked inside, everyone should be doing a fashion show, since every one is allowed to go out again. What is your summer essential?

01 — VERSACE SUNGLASSES: The number one essential for every summer is a good and timeless pair of sunglasses, and why not put on a classic shape from Versace? A favorite and classy piece.

02 — SILKY SHIRT: There’s no better feeling than wearing something light and comfortable, and I almost forgot, stylish. Silky shirts are the best and comfortable pieces to wear during the summer, it feels like you’re wearing a piece made of clouds.

03 — PADDED CASSETTE INTRECCIATO by Bottega Veneta: The summer heat and breeze require a light color bag, but it does not mean you can’t be bold and remarkable right? So the Bottega Veneta bag is the right choice for this summer.

04 — CURBY CHAIN by Maslo Jewelry: Summer is the season that no one wants to be overdressed, and the only way to be more unique and stylish is layering and styling beautiful pieces of jewelry. The current trend is to wear bold and big chains styled with minimal and neutral tones pieces.

05 — ASKET WHITE T-SHIRT: A white tee will be always an essential piece to have in your closet, but a high-quality t-shirt that is tailored and fits your body is way better than a non-quality and oversized one. A fitted piece will always make people look classier and richer.

06 — VITAL UNIFIER by Nuori: Skincare is an essential thing for everyone, but let’s talk about this incredible and fresh product from Nuori Skincare, one of my favorite skincare brands. It just gives you a fresh and non-oily skin after two sprays, I always carry it with me and it’s always good to feel fresh again, especially during warmer days.

07 — SINOBI: Mules are the best shoes to stay stylish and keep your feet fresh, and there’s no better feeling than wearing something comfortable to walk miles, right? These Sinobi’s mules are incredibly made out of recycled materials and Italian vegetable-tanned chrome-free leather.

8 — HYDRATION SERUM by Verso: After a long day sunbathing, your skin needs the best hydration products to keep your skin fresh and soft. Hydration Serum provides immediate moisturization and continuous skin barrier repair for dry skin.


Breath inspiration and seek inspiration in everything, in all the small details, from the sea breeze to the birds chirping. Being inspired is what keeps people’s minds working and being able to create.


Summer is here, bringing together warmer and hotter days, sunnier and bluer skies, longer days and a lot of vitamin D. There’s no better feeling than enjoying these days and being able to style some favorite pieces, feeling fresh for a new beginning after months locked in quarantine.