Lately, I’ve been thinking how I express myself and how I would like people to see who I am through what I wear, what I do and what I post and I think I got to the point where I want to show what I really love to do, which is work with art, fashion, and beauty. 

What does fashion means to me? Fashion for me is a way of living, is a way to express who we are through clothes, fashion is a way to express our thoughts and to show our art with our bodies. Fashion is more than what we see, fashion is more about what we feel. 

What is the Portrait Project?

The project for me is a way to discover new ways to express myself through my body, my art and my way of dressing. I want to mix every single artistic side of mine into only one frame and this is my first portrait, a self-portrait, to express my love, my passion for beauty, art and fashion. 

The project will consist of making new portraits where beauty, art, and fashion is involved, all in one frame captured by me. I’m also going to be the beauty artist behind every makeup on this project, as well as the stylist. This is a personal project of mine where I want to show and build my portfolio doing what I love the most, as I once said before.

The Portrait Project will only consist of Self-Portraits?

The answer to this question is no, I want to bring different people to this project, I want to bring different beauties, different ages, cultures and of course, more men and women to participate in my personal project.

I want to bring in new cultures, new ways of seeing beauty, out of the ordinary, I want people to see their beauty inside. I want to listen to their stories, I want to tell their stories in an artistic way, my own artistic way. This is what I want to show with my personal project, this is what I want to bring with this project, art, culture, beauty, and fashion.

2 thoughts on “ [PORTRAIT PROJECT] Self-Portrait ”

  1. This is such a wonderful concept. Expressing our true selves through the way we look is a very brave act. I would love to take part on The Portrait Project!

    1. Thank you so much my dear, it’s so important and an honor to have your support. You’re my daily inspiration! It would be an honor to have you participating in this project, for sure, I would love to have you with me in this one. Let’s talk more about it ♡

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