Fine Line is the name of my second portrait project post. I wanted to bring some of my favorite kinds of line when it comes to art. Fine lines are my favorite and these fashion, beauty and artistic portraits are so meaningful to me.

The Meaning Behind

When I was thinking about the next portrait that I would like to bring, I was also thinking about my life and everything that’s been happening around it, that’s when I came with the idea to mix some art and beauty to represent the lines of life.

The Lines of Life: that means that our lives have so many lines crossing each other, you can make plans for the next 10 years or 10 days, but you never know what line is going to cross your life the next day and everything can change from day to night.

Be always open to new changes, new challenges, and a new beginning because the lines of life are endless.

The Makeup & Final Result

I draw two different lines, in two different colors, crossing each other multiple times to represent the lines of life having multiple changes. You have a new chance every day and a new line to be drawn every second.

The results couldn’t be better and I’m glad about the feedback that’s been given on the first post. This only the beginning and I will try to bring new ideas and portraits every week.