The Tailoring Obsession — PETER DO

Peter Do launched his incredible label, that is dedicated to tailoring, modern women uniform, construction, and fine textiles, in 2018. Since 2018, Peter Do has been creating incredible pieces inspired by modern women’s uniforms, daywear, and construction. Reinventing the women suit and creating beautiful shapes, he has been the one to watch and the one … Read moreThe Tailoring Obsession — PETER DO


Fine Line is the name of my second portrait project post. I wanted to bring some of my favorite kinds of line when it comes to art. Fine lines are my favorite and these fashion, beauty and artistic portraits are so meaningful to me. The Meaning Behind When I was thinking about the next portrait … Read more[PORTRAIT PROJECT] Fine Line

A New and Healthier Skin [The Ordinary Journal]

After a while, I’m back to tell and show the results of 2 months using The Ordinary products. Since I started to use The Ordinary products on my everyday skincare routine, I felt the results in the first week but you can’t tell the difference only looking at the skin, you need to touch it. … Read moreA New and Healthier Skin [The Ordinary Journal]

COMBAT BOOTS: The Statement Piece

It all started with the first show signed by Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, for his ready-to-wear fall collection last June. We all know that these boots weren’t introduced into the fashion world by Daniel Lee but since he’s the one who brought back the trend and made it a statement piece, we’re going … Read moreCOMBAT BOOTS: The Statement Piece

The Ordinary: My Thoughts and New Skincare Routine

My first days and my first review on The Ordinary products, is everyone so excited to know about them like me? Let’s start this post by saying that all the pictures that are going to be shown here are free of makeup or any kind of retouches on my skin, so it’s completely natural skin … Read moreThe Ordinary: My Thoughts and New Skincare Routine

Marie Claire Fashion Days: 11th Edition and VIP Night

Marie Claire Magazine hosted, for the 11th time, the Marie Claire Fashion Days, one of the most important events in fashion bringing together Hungarian Fashion and Hungarian Designers. The event showcased more than 30 different Hungarian Fashion Designers. The event happened on three different days, starting on Friday, November 22nd. The Friday Night was a … Read moreMarie Claire Fashion Days: 11th Edition and VIP Night

The Ordinary: My First Time

The Ordinary is a brand from DECIEM, which is a beauty company with an umbrella of different brands, such as NIOD, Hylamide, Chemistry Brand, HIF and of course, The Ordinary. The brand was created with the purpose of creating a collection of treatments offering familiar, effective clinical technologies positioned to raise pricing and communication integrity … Read moreThe Ordinary: My First Time