While some people like to choose a wider range of colors, when it comes to their color palette in fashion, some people are more into keeping things low-key and going for an easier, basic, and timeless color palette.

Neutrals are often called “earth tones”, and that’s not a lie. From brown to white, everything that is in between can be called neutral. It can be gray-ish, mixed with other sub-tones, but it will be always part of a neutral color palette. Don’t be fooled to think that darker tones can’t be into the neutrals palette, even black and darker shades of gray are neutrals.

These are tones that has been always a second choice but it’s now taking the main stage and dominating the fashion scene.


Neutrals are no longer the basic white tee people are used to wearing when they have nothing to pair with their blue jeans. These tones are here to take part in the fashion scene and make history. From monochromatic looks to one piece only, the earth tones can be paired and styled with multiple pieces from different colors and it still will be a neutral look. It’s easy, fresh, and it always looks classy.

Neutrals are budget-friendly. Basic pieces that are fitted and tailored will always elevate any look, so look for those pieces when hunting for something new.


Styling is always a tricky part of every trend and every look. Putting and pairing pieces all together could be a tiring task, but I’m here to help you to put together the perfect effortless chic outfit.


Being stylish and on-trend is not about throwing together everything you have inside your closet. Sometimes, the basic the better. So try to keep it simple, put together a well-tailored pair of trousers, a white tee, and if possible, a blazer that follows the trouser’s color palette. Here are some ideas.


Putting together a nice and neutral outfit does not mean you cannot add some color to your day. Try to choose a focus point on your outfit, and make that the statement piece of your look. It could be a nice orange, red, pink shirt, a nice scarf on your neck, or a beautiful but colorful bodysuit paired with a tailored earth toned trouser and an overzized blazer.


Layer pieces that are in the same color palette or wear a nice and tailored suit. Layering and pairing pieces that are in the same color range could be difficult but easy at the same time, so always go for a more loose fit: a wide leg trouser, a shirt, an oversized blazer, a nice and classic trench coat. It will be always a hit, attracting attention to your look without being overdressed.


Classic and timeless, leaving this composition out of this article would be such a shame. Black and white go so well together, it’s like these colors were made for each other. Pairing a nice pair of black trousers, a white shirt, and a nice black coat will always be the perfect fit. Play with textures, go for a wool coat, tailored cotton trousers, and a linen white shirt. That will add more value and will attract some eyes to your look without screaming for attention.


The Riviera look that can be a hit or miss. Try mixing different tones of white, going from creamy to ivory, to perfect white. Bringing different textures from different fabrics will always add some richness to your look, so go for linen pieces and pair it with a tailored pair of white cotton trousers. The mixing of fabrics and textures are the key to stay basic but sophisticated.