Feeding our skin and taking care of ourselves, Miriam Quevedo is bringing the best out of our hair and skin.

A few weeks ago a beautiful package arrived at my door, and it was one of the most exciting things — because as you might already know, I’m a skincare lover.

Miriam Quevedo’s team sent me some of their products to try, and of course, come and tell you all about my personal experience. That being said, for this post, I’ll be going to take you through my whole experience, from start to finish, on Miriam Quevedo’s products.

MIRIAM QUEVEDO — mixing and sourcing the world’s most precious ingredients, Miriam Quevedo offers luxury and efficacy for hair and skin.

A pioneer in the beauty industry, Miriam Quevedo applied all her knowledge on developing the best products, balancing ingredients between science and nature, creating anti-aging award-winning products.


I’ve been applying Miriam Quevedo’s products for about three weeks and I’m completely in love with the whole experience – from start to finish.

The scent of each product can be felt from afar and I’ve been loving the formulas and its efficacy on my hair and skin.

As you might know, I have acne-prone skin, which is an issue when trying a new skincare brand, but Miriam Quevedo’s products are made with only the finest and best ingredients, and my skin’s been feeling healthier, smoother, and fresh for the past weeks.


Mixing and balancing the best ingredients, between science and nature, bringing the best out of each and every precious and fine element that’s used by Miriam Quevedo’s team to produce and transform it into beauty products.

White Caviar Oil, 24 Karat Gold, Platinum & Diamonds are the most precious, rare and special ingredients used by Miriam Quevedo.

Haircare is as important as any other part of our body and the Glacial White Caviar Hydra-Pure Timeless Beauty Cream is helping my damaged hair to be healthier again, protecting and hydrating.

It leaves your hair with the best and luxurious aroma you could ever have and it will also help modeling and styling if applied in dry hair,

Skincare routines are the therapy I need to feed my soul and skin, day and night.

Adding the Black Baccara Dynamic Energizing Booster and the A-Helix Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask to my night routine completely changed the way I feel my skin in the next morning.

A-Helix Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask — I apply this overnight mask almost everyday and it does feel a bit sticky when applied, it takes about 10-15 minutes to dry.

The aroma of both products is indescribable, it smells luxury and it feels like you’re pouring gold on your skin, feeding, and treating your skin the way it should be treated.

My skin’s feeling much healthier, smoother, and it never felt so hydrated. I stopped having break-outs and my skin’s texture is better than ever.

The A-Helix Advanced Renewal Hand Cream is the perfect moisturizer to keep your hands safe, rebalance your skin, and protect it from the external environment.

It dries quickly and it does not feel sticky on your hands, which is a plus point, because I personally hate sticky products on my hand/body.

I apply it every night before bed and I every morning I feel my hands softer and with a cloudy touch, I was never a lover of hand cream but since I started using Miriam Quevedo’s hand cream I will never stop applying hand cream every night.


Our body is a temple and we must take care of it.

Miriam Quevedo just turned out to be one of my favorite skin and hair care brands on the market. It all begins with the brand’s aesthetics and design, followed by the perfect formulas for hair and skin.