Taking care of our body and soul is essential, especially during uncertain times.

I must say that during these uncertain times that we are all facing right now, my skin has been going through a lot of different phases. I’ve been having highs and lows, adult acne, a tired, sweaty, uncontrolled skin, and if you’re facing the same issues, don’t worry because you’re not alone. 

During the lockdown season, I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the problems that they’re facing while staying a lot inside their homes, and there are a lot of reasons why this is happening to a lot of us and one of them is pretty obvious, it’s the stress of not being able to go out or the uncertain future and the unpredictable fact that we don’t know what’s about to happen the next day.

That being said, the current situation has just changed everyone’s lives and so our skin. Taking into consideration that a lot of us don’t have a terrace or a balcony to enjoy the sunny days, most people still fear going outside, so it started to affect our skin and how our organism deal with it. Not being able to enjoy the outside weather and feel the sun, affects directly our skin. Being stressed, eating junky food, not exercising, drinking alcohol, all these combined can result in only one thing: acne breakouts. 

If you’re a reader here you probably know that I have acne-prone skin and my skin is always facing some problems, and that’s one of the reasons why I’m always trying new products that were made to help me improve my skin’s texture and skin’s health. Sharing my experience and giving personal tips might help someone that is facing the same problems as me. 

This month’s favorites are all about taking care and making our skin healthier and better looking because we are always looking to improve our skin’s quality and texture. 

Starting with some acids, I know it sounds scary and we must be careful when using these types of products on our skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. One personal tip that I can give you before trying any type of acid on your skin is to apply it to a small part of your face and if you feel that it gets irritated, red, or tingling a lot, just wash it off with cool water and try another formula, maybe one with a much lower concentration, it might take longer to see the effects, but it’s better safe than sorry, you don’t want to burn your face.

The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution

I’ve shown the Glycolic Acid here before but I wanted to do an update on how it’s working on my skin right now that I have more products working to improve my skin. This acid works on getting rid of the dead skin of your face, helping to get rid of acne spots, so it’s an acid that exfoliates your skin without any exfoliate granule. 

The 7% concentration must be a lot for some skins’ types, so do as I said, try it on a small part before putting it all over your face. I apply it every other day during my night routine, after washing and drying my skin, on a cotton pad I pour some product and I do circular movements all over my face, it also helps clean the dirty your washing soap didn’t. I only apply it at night since most acids are sensitive to sunlight. 

The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution

This is a stronger acid that works as a peeling solution, as the name already says, and I only apply it on my skin once a week, leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it off with cool water. 

It’s been helping me to get rid of my acne spots and also helping my skin’s texture, every time I wash the product off my skin I feel it much better and much softer, so for sure is one of the skincare products that I’ll never stop using or buying, these two acids are on the top of my skincare favorites. 

AEOS Realive Serum 

A luxurious and intensive fusion, this serum has been helping me to keep my skin soft and smooth with organic ingredients and crystal essences. The hyaluronic acid has been helping to encourage to smooth the fine lines on my skin, and due to the natural base of this serum, it’s perfect for the eye area, which is incredible because the eye area is really sensitive and we must use the right products there. 

I only apply this serum during my morning routine because it’s super light to wear during the day. 

MIRIAM QUEVEDO Dynamic Booster 

This booster is one of the best things I’ve ever used in my life, I apply it combined with an overnight mask two times a week and the results on my skin the next morning are just incredible. The texture, the fragrance, it smells richness and leaves your skin with the same feeling. 

It contains 5% of niacinamide and other elements that helps against the digital aging.

MIRIAM QUEVEDO A-Helix Advanced 

After applying the Dynamic Booster, I apply this renewal overnight mask and leave it on until the next morning, my skin wakes up feeling fresh and so soft, with a smooth touch. 

This mask has so many powerful ingredients such as Vitamin B5, Cell-Detox Booster, Thermal Water, and Aloe Vera, that you can feel while using the mask because your skin feels so fresh. All these ingredients combined help to hydrate deeply our skin, detoxifying skin cells, and it also helps in the renovation process. 

EUCERIN Oil Control Sun Protection

Sunscreen is one of the most important steps during any skincare, it’s a must, and everyone should apply sunscreen, every day, no exception.

I’ve been trying this new one from Eucerin and I must say that I love the touch of it, it dries fast on skin and it has a dry touch as well. The only thing that I don’t like about it is that if you want to apply makeup, primer, or any other product that you will need to massage your face, I don’t recommend this one, you might choose or go for a non-dry touch formula. 

MIXXA Moisturizing Cream Anti-Imperfections

A light facial moisturizer, affordable to anyone, and it’s simply good. One of my favorites, I wear it every morning because it’s lighter for use during the day and it’s just one of my favorites, I’ve been trying this formula for over a month and I really like the feeling on my skin. 

Since it’s a moisturizing cream anti-imperfections it’s also a dry-touch product, but it does not leave your skin feeling dry but moisturized and soft. 

COMME ÇA Vitamin C Powder

I’ve been trying this Vitamin C in powder, from Comme Ça Skincare, and I know it takes time to see real results but I must say that I’ve been loving to introduce a new vitamin for my skin on my skincare routine. 

The thing I love the most about this one is that it’s super easy and simple to apply, just pour 4 or 5 times on the palm of your hands, apply your favorite moisturizer together, mix it, and massage your face doing circular movements. I apply the Vitamin C every morning before my sunscreen, I’ve been reading a lot about using and applying Vitamin C in the morning combined with your sunscreen and there’s a myth that says that the sun will kill the benefits of the Vitamin C, but it’s not true, in reality, the Vitamin C will help your sunscreen be more effective. 

PLENAIRE Violet Paste

The last but for sure not the least, one of my favorites products ever for people who needs to deal with pimples that just show on your face from day to night, the Violet Paste was born from an old recipe that helps reduce blemishes overnight by draining out excess oil and calming inflammation and redness. 

Applying it on my night skincare routine, every time I notice that a pimple is about to show, I just apply a thick layer of the Violet Paste on top of it and leave it overnight. The results are just incredible and I just love that it helps me keeping pimples away from my skin, while soothing, calming, and preventing new pimples to appear.


These are for sure my main favorite products that I’ve been testing and trying these past few weeks, I have many more to be trying and applying on my skin but I like to stick with some of it first, to get the results I want and then start trying new ones. It’s always important to try the product for more than 3 weeks to start feeling the results and see any visual effect on your skin. 

I’ll leave the price and the link to every single product I’ve mentioned below each product, so if you feel interested in buying or even reading a bit more about their ingredients and effects on the skin, you just need to click on it.