MAM — Art & Jewelry

MAM – a brand based in Barcelona, to be more specific, in el Born. A jewelry brand that inspires, represent and does a lot for fashion.

Founded by Jordi Enrique Alberti, CEO of the company, he created one of the most innovative brands, when it comes to jewelry design. MAM is also known for its craftsmanship.

MAM is a short name for mother, the representation of life and everything that is around us, but also the initials for Movement, Art, and Mission.

Gold Bracelet – 18K Gold Plating

I’m for sure a huge lover of different shapes and new designs. MAM for sure brings the different, out of the box design that we’ve been asking for. It’s simple, chic, different, and made with the best quality materials.

I’ve chosen three different pieces to be styling and photographing, and I can’t wait to share each item with you. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have already seen me wearing some of them, but if you don’t, just click here and make sure to follow me.

This beautiful ear cuff, with 18K Gold plating finishing, is just a piece of beauty and art. The design, shape, and the quality are just breathtaking and impeccable. It feels really light when you wear, it’s not heavy, and it feels like you’re wearing nothing.

I’m so in love with this beautiful gold bracelet, the design is just so unique, chic, and contemporary yet modern and classy. It’s just one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever seen and worn in my life. I simply just want to wear it every day and style it with every outfit.

The last but not least item I’ve chosen from MAM was this piece of beauty, art, and perfection, called Gold and Pearl Ring. It’s so delicate, chic, and classic, I couldn’t resist it and I’m quite in love with this ring.

These were my three choices at MAM and I couldn’t be happier with each one of them, it’s just stunning and impeccable. Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see me wearing each one of them and how I’m going to style it.

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