[LOOKBOOK] Blueish Tones

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about sharing more and more here, my outfits, and compositions, and of course, share my personal tips on how to compose and put together the perfect outfit.

From now on, I’m gonna share my outfits here, and also, at the end of this post you’ll be able to check every single piece that I’m wearing, and of course, buy them.

I’m a big lover of the trench coat, an iconic piece that has been on trend for years, and in my opinion, this is an item that will never go out of fashion. This beautiful trench coat is from Basic Apparel, and to be completely honest, I’m obsessed with this baby blue tone.

Wearing and Styling

It might be tricky to wear a trench coat if you’re not used to wearing it but, there are quite few ways to make it your own style.

You can go either way, oversized or perfectly fitted, I personally like both of them, but that’s because it fits my aesthetic. If you’re not used to wearing it, go for perfectly fitted, it’s classier and it will for sure look chic on you. The perfect trench coat is like wearing a blazer, it will always look good on you if you’ve made the right choice.

It can’t make you look shorter, because a lot of people complain about looking shorter than they really are, but that’s because you need to find the perfect length that will fit your height.

My personal tip: I always like to wear it as the focus piece, so the trench coat is my statement piece when I wear it, because it’s big and bold, so you will be able to make the best out of it.

The collar of the coat is always up for me, I like to give the impression of having a long neck and it makes the trench coat stylish, in my opinion. Open or closed, I like it both ways, make it tight around your waist if closed, and make it look bigger, if open.


As I said, I want to share, more and more, of my compositions here with you all, and also share where you will be able to find pieces that I’m wearing, something similar or the real brand.

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