COMBAT BOOTS: The Statement Piece

It all started with the first show signed by Daniel Lee, Bottega Veneta’s creative director, for his ready-to-wear fall collection last June.

We all know that these boots weren’t introduced into the fashion world by Daniel Lee but since he’s the one who brought back the trend and made it a statement piece, we’re going to give him the credits.

Bottega Veneta Fall Collection 2019

Daniel Lee brought back one of his best skills as a fashion designer, which is to work with leather. For this collection, Daniel Lee decided to use leather in almost every single look, if not in every look, on the runway.

Lee worked with leather in all sorts of ways: quilting leather into a puffer coat, laser-cutting in skirts, bonding it into neoprene, and of course, he worked with leather for his trendy combat boots.

It’s well known that combat boots, biker boots, military boots or whatever you wanna call it, isn’t a new piece or a new shoe introduced into the fashion world but since Daniel Lee has been creating such amazing pieces for Bottega Veneta, and making it statement pieces, like every leather piece he’s made, it wasn’t any different when he launched these amazing boots.

Since he launched the collection, which was a success in sales, every fast fashion has been launching pieces that are similar to Lee’s collection.

How to style them?

It isn’t a pair of boots that we are familiar to wear on a daily basis, right? Neither do I was familiar with this kind of boots, I mean, it’s not really my style to wear it but it was worth trying one of them and buying a pair for me and, of course, I’m going to share some of my favorite styles with this amazing pair of boots.

These boots are more the “street style” type of boots for fashion week. It’s a statement piece, so most of the pieces that you’re going to layer on top of it will be a little less attractive and less “chunky” since the boots itself already are the piece that you want to have some attention.

Where to buy?

Since not everyone can afford an 890EUR pair of boots, as I said, some fast fashion companies have been launching their own design for the new Combat Boots, which is quite similar to Chelsea Boots but with a higher and track sole.

Last but not least, down below I’ll list some of the best choices that you have to buy the perfect pair of combat boots and not go broke because of it.

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