MIRIAM QUEVEDO — Luxury Hair & Skin Care

Feeding our skin and taking care of ourselves, Miriam Quevedo is bringing the best out of our hair and skin. A few weeks ago a beautiful package arrived at my door, and it was one of the most exciting things — because as you might already know, I’m a skincare lover. Miriam Quevedo’s team sent me … Read moreMIRIAM QUEVEDO — Luxury Hair & Skin Care

SKINCARE ROUTINE — Quarantine Edition

Taking care of our skin is an important step during these tough days, because staying at home doesn’t mean that we all need to be lazy and inside our comfort zone. Our skin needs to be feed and it’s your responsibility to take care of it. I personally love skincare, so it’s not that hard … Read moreSKINCARE ROUTINE — Quarantine Edition


Fine Line is the name of my second portrait project post. I wanted to bring some of my favorite kinds of line when it comes to art. Fine lines are my favorite and these fashion, beauty and artistic portraits are so meaningful to me. The Meaning Behind When I was thinking about the next portrait … Read more[PORTRAIT PROJECT] Fine Line

A New and Healthier Skin [The Ordinary Journal]

After a while, I’m back to tell and show the results of 2 months using The Ordinary products. Since I started to use The Ordinary products on my everyday skincare routine, I felt the results in the first week but you can’t tell the difference only looking at the skin, you need to touch it. … Read moreA New and Healthier Skin [The Ordinary Journal]

The Ordinary: My Thoughts and New Skincare Routine

My first days and my first review on The Ordinary products, is everyone so excited to know about them like me? Let’s start this post by saying that all the pictures that are going to be shown here are free of makeup or any kind of retouches on my skin, so it’s completely natural skin … Read moreThe Ordinary: My Thoughts and New Skincare Routine