Taste is something unique, and there are people that are more of a gold lover, as well as people who identify themselves wearing silver — but why not mix them all? We have to agree that an outfit is incomplete without a good and fine jewelry selection. There’s nothing like a good pair of earrings, a statement necklace, or a set of rings to complete any outfit.

It can be overwhelming choosing and finding new designs and brands to buy from. So I selected some of my favorite jewelry brands that won’t make anyone go bankrupt and still will make any outfit look fancier and classier.

Maslo Jewelry

It’s on my top three favorite jewelry brands. Nicole, the founder, creates beautiful designs, a classic touch paired with a vintage look. Her designs are incredibly beautiful, from bold and statement necklaces to delicate earrings and well-designed rings.


A well established Spanish jewelry brand, MAM has been creating what people call “out of the box”, and honestly, it’s one of the most beautiful and affordable jewelry brands I’ve ever found. The brand’s design and personality are so strong. From ear cuffs to anklets, this is the accessory brand to keep an eye on if you’re out of the box and like to try different designs.

Monday Edition

The first Korean jewelry brand I discovered on Instagram and I instantly fell in love with their designs. From packaging to the final product, it’s a whole experience. Their designs are more on-trend, so if you’re looking for something that you saw in a magazine or a different kind of design, this is the brand to go for.


Another Korean based jewelry brand that has an amazing aesthetic. Quality is their second name, every piece is handmade and the designs are incredibly stunning. Inspired by art, the brand’s aesthetic is a mix of gold and silver in the most incredible way.

In a Perfect World

Delicate pieces and beautiful designs. In a Perfect World design stunning pieces that are made for everyday wear. Chic, classy, and sophisticated are the three words that define the brand’s aesthetic.


Jewelry and accessories, in general, are the cherry on top of the cake. The final look will always look better with a jewelry piece, and no doubts will look fancier and classier.

Wearing accessories elevates your look, and people can go either way, bold and extravagant, or delicate and minimal. I’m sure that you will be able to find something that match and fit perfectly your personality and aesthetic from the jewelry brands mentioned above.