Black is the new black, and I’m totally living for it. Wait, is it right?

I’ve always heard that black is not a color and that black isn’t anyone’s color, judging by the fact that this is not a match for any skin tone, but honestly, black is one of the most worn colors and I think it matches and suits a lot of people, if not all of us.

Black is a basic color that will make you look taller, thinner, and fancier if used the right way, so why not use it in our favor?


Styling all-black outfits can be difficult, since it’s a dark color, even layering black pieces on top of each other can be hard, you don’t want to be looking like a circle, or a rectangle when you’re trying to be stylish.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with wide and high-waisted trousers, it gives you an elongated silhouette, makes your waist smaller and your legs look longer. Pairing wide and high-waisted trousers with high-heels is a good fit, it will make you look even taller.

Playing with textures, shapes, lines, and even different fabrics can give you a totally different look. In my first look, I styled a black vintage leather blazer, and this is my statement piece for this look, the leather is the star of it.

What makes a total difference in every single look that you put together is adding accessories, jewelries, the bag you’re going to carry, so pay attention to the details, because this is what makes your look stand up.

Gold and black is always a good match.

Make it you but make it stylish, add some jewels. Gold accessories will make you look fancier, classier, and of course, it will give you the classy look. Minimal gold jewelry on your fingers, bold and gold chains for your necklace.

BLACK OVERSIZED BLAZER — everybody should have at least one black and basic blazer, it fits every silhouette and it will make you look much better just by carrying it on your shoulders.

Why not play with a colorful scarf? Add something new, an element of fun and it will make you feel unique. I personally love playing with scarfs by adding it to my bags, pockets, and putting it over my head.

The longer, the better.

Wearing long coats is something that sometimes can make you look smaller or it can gives you a shape that won’t make you look better.

Always pick the ones that are in the height of your knee and above, adding a belt on your waist will make you look thinner by giving the impression of larger shoulders.


Inspiration is something that comes from inside of our soul and heart, but the outside world keeps inspiring people. The sound of the wind, the rain, the colors of the sky, cultures, different languages, everything is pure inspiration and you can make the best out of, almost, everything that is surrounding us.

It wouldn’t be different when it comes to dressing up, I always get inspired by other designers, runways shows, other’s people creativity, and etc., and there’s nothing wrong about it.

Getting inspired by other’s people creativity is different from copying their ideas.


Fashion is all about freedom, about being yourself and allowing your mind to be creative. Don’t be afraid of trying new silhouettes, new colors, or something you never thought about before.

Allowing yourself to dress the way you feel comfortable and confident will open many doors of your self esteem — words of a fashion lover and from someone who’s not afraid of daring himself.