After a while, I’m back to tell and show the results of 2 months using The Ordinary products. Since I started to use The Ordinary products on my everyday skincare routine, I felt the results in the first week but you can’t tell the difference only looking at the skin, you need to touch it.

The Evolution and Results

Once you start a skin treatment, that acts from outside of your skin to inside, you need to wait at least one month to see any kind of visible result. I won’t lie and say that I do have the patience to use the product for at least one month and then start to see results because I don’t but lately, I’ve been more patient with my skincare routine.

The results on my skin started to show after four weeks using the products every day before going to bed and in the morning. I feel that my skin is so much softer and a lot thinner than two months ago.

The Skincare Routine

As I said before, my skin feels softer and thinner than ever before, the products have been helping me feed my skin every day and another thing that makes a total difference in our skin’s health is eating healthy food.

Dairy, meat and fried food really don’t help my skin get healthier and better looking. You are what you eat and that will show in your skin, at least for me that’s how it works. I’ve been changing and adjusting my skincare routine for a long time and now I finally have the perfect routine for my skin, I’m going to share my favorites with you.

In the morning the first thing that I do when I wake up is to wash my face with cold water, to close my pores and to take off any product that I put on my night routine, the night before. Everything that your skin needed, it already absorbed, you just need to take off the excess.

In my night routine, I add some products to clean my face because during the day your skin absorbs a lot of dirt and the air is really polluted. So first things first, I use micellar water and a facial cleanser foam to start my night routine.

During my night routine, after applying the serum from The Ordinary, I apply my moisturizer and also a lip repairing moisturizer, because during the night my lips also get really dry.

Notice that knowing your skin type really well is super important to take care of it. In any case, look for a professional/dermatologist, I’m sure you can find the right products for your skin type and get the solution for your problem, I’m just a skincare lover.

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