As consumers, we must become aware of what we are buying, consuming, and the impact, and damage, that the industry is causing into the environment. Changing and becoming conscious isn’t an easy task, but it must start now, otherwise, fashion will become the world’s biggest enemy. Vintage shopping is another great solution if you’re in … Read more15 ETHICAL AND SUSTAINABLE BRANDS — For a Better World

AUTUMN ESSENTIALS: The Trench Coat Season

Weather is changing and the autumn season is arriving faster than ever. September has started and I have a feeling that the year is going through faster than ever before, or am I the only one who’s been feeling this way? A season full of orange tones outside, when leaves start to fall, jackets and … Read moreAUTUMN ESSENTIALS: The Trench Coat Season

NEUTRALS — Trendy & Timeless

While some people like to choose a wider range of colors, when it comes to their color palette in fashion, some people are more into keeping things low-key and going for an easier, basic, and timeless color palette. Neutrals are often called “earth tones”, and that’s not a lie. From brown to white, everything that … Read moreNEUTRALS — Trendy & Timeless