As consumers, we must become aware of what we are buying, consuming, and the impact, and damage, that the industry is causing into the environment. Changing and becoming conscious isn’t an easy task, but it must start now, otherwise, fashion will become the world’s biggest enemy.

Vintage shopping is another great solution if you’re in a budget, but I wrote a whole article that is available here, about why you should be focusing your mind on buying and creating a circular economy around second-hand pieces.

Do you know who’s making your clothes?

Transparency is one of the most important topics that fashion brands and companies should be focusing their business on. Showing and sharing the work conditions of their employees, the fabrics being used to produce and design each garment, the price of each process, and justify, giving examples, the final price of each piece.

We need to know what’s impacting the price we pay and if the artisans, designers, and sewers, are being paid for the work they’re doing. There are a lot of factors that impact the final price you pay for your garment, and it’s your right to know exactly what you’re paying for.


Asket is a danish brand that designs pieces to last forever, not for seasons, not for trends. Pieces that probably will last for a long time inside your closet. Basics and essential designs, bringing back a minimalistic yet classic style.

Asket envision a world free of fast consumption.


Bastet Noir is a zero-waste, sustainable, and ethical brand that designs and produces pieces from discarded materials. The garments are sewed by a community of single parents, in North Macedonia, and the entire profit is invested in making the growth of these women and support their children with education.


A sustainable and ethical brand that aims to be at the forefront of sustainable designer fashion globally, by consciously sourcing every material and component used to create and design the brand’s collections.


The effortless chic Copenhagen based brand, Baum Und Pferdgarten is one of the leading Danish fashion houses. The brand’s concept is to work with transparency, by showing and sharing their sustainable balance between the fashion industry and the future of our planet.

At Baum Und Pferdgarten, you can also find a page that is dedicated only to share their responsibilities within the planet. You can find it here.

Our vision is to deliver uncompromising aesthetics, considerate of both our planets and its people.


Gabriela Hearst is a luxury men’s and women’s ready-to-wear brand, built on the principles of timeless, uncompromising, and sustainability. These are the three main pillars of the luxury Uruguayan based brand.


A brand that is committed to conserving the environment. Creating beautiful and timeless pieces, that are designed to last forever inside your wardrobe, with the lightest possible environmental footprint. Their collections are usually made out of organic, recycled fabrics, and the ones that have a low impact on our environment.

Design with a purpose.


The England based brand creates pieces with attention to detail and quality, neglecting the mass production or the fast-fashion concept. The brand’s duel roots of sustainability and craftsmanship are never sacrificed where possible, and the growth of the brand proves to be tackling obstacles that have been put in place within the fashion and retail sector.


Jordan Nodarse, the ex denim director from Reformation, has recently launched his own brand. Classic designs using organic and sustainable materials to produce his jeans, bringing back a nostalgic and vintage design to his new brand.


A shoe brand that is highly committed to sharing, showing and honoring the ones who produce their shoes and where they are made. Every step of their production is being taken care of, from artisans to potential customers, and the planet.

Brother Vellies uses materials like vegetal-tanned leather, soling from recycled tires, amongst other organic and sustainable materials.

We strive to lessen the impact of our production practices by continuing to ask questions and make changes each season. 


My design practice is dedicated to environmentally and socially-conscious craftsmanship

A day-to-day wear brand, Alice Early is committed to searching for more sustainable and organic materials, to produce and design garments that are made to last longer inside your wardrobe and discourage the mass production of the fast-fashion industry. Making choices to lessen the environmental impact that fashion industries have been causing.


An ethical and sustainable jewelry brand that plants a tree for every purchase that is made from their brand, is now beginning to be part of a bigger mission. Lark & Berry started to be part of a small group of brands that are carbon emission-free from shipping.


A London-based brand that shares ninety percent of their total profit. Designing and producing luxury everyday wear to elevate your day-to-day style. Ninety percent is committed to learning and applying new sustainable and planet-friendly fabrics in their collections, transparent, and traceability.


The fashion brand, Mother of Pearl, is committed to complete tractability across its supply chains, sourcing sustainable fibers like organic wool, organic cotton, and etc.

Always creating designs that are all inspired by the sports scene from the ’90s, the creative director Amy Powney, is always creating and designing new garments that mix patterns and different fabrics. Chic, sophisticated, and not to be taken too seriously.


Sustainability is at the core of the fashion brand Bottle Pop, committed to being ethical and sustainable from the moment they start using their raw materials until it gets in your hands. Bottle Pop works in collaboration with the National Wildlife Federation, which claims to have Zero Deforestation Leather. The leather used in their products is from sustainable farms.

15. TDL

Our handmade pieces are a clear example of the sublime transformation that can take place from the reuse of discarded materials, we focus on creating art masterpieces that allow us to demonstrate an unpretentious luxury but with a high sense of aesthetics and quality.

A New York-based brand that works around the following concept: the circular economy. A sustainable brand that is committed to making less impact on the environment and reuses discarded materials to design and create art pieces, that are luxury looking and aesthetically beautiful.